A home for data and its allies

Silicon Valley and Wall Street need to collide. Most importantly, we must place our data’s intrinsic value in our hands, not in big tech or banks in SF and NYC. So join the Tree of Wally to make the home for human data.

What COVID-19 Says About Network Economics
The global response to COVID-19 reflects deeply held societal values that blockchain …
Personal data is yours to sell.
Arguments against consumers selling their personal data lack historical perspective from labor …

For Companies:

1. build brand loyalty,
2. increase disposable incomes, and
3. enhance ESG profiles

For Creators:

1. connect in new ways,
2. increase follower counts, and
3. grow revenue per piece of content


Morality is key, because it builds trust. And trust is the glue that keeps the economy in tact. Unfortunately, the integrity of our institutions erode when trust is low. It’s no wonder emphases on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics are on the rise. So we’re bringing higher ethical standards to data management.

Data Economics

There is staggering economic inequality around the world despite the fact that data is the new oil and it’s in each of us. The problem is a technical failure of our capitalist system. The US Dollar travels throughout the economy predominantly as it tracks labor’s value while missing data’s value. So Tree of Wally is a better solution for how we track the flow of data’s value.