Ashton Kutcher wants you to have financial security

Ashton Kutcher works for your financial security – but is it enough?

Celebrities are joining the struggle to level the economic playing field
Ashton Kutcher wants you to have financial security
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In a new TV show “Going From Broke” Ashton Kutcher helps a generation get on stable financial footing. Student debt and slower growth hold back the global economy’s youngest members. Restoring economic security requires stronger medicine though.

You see, the banking sector is stuck in the 1900s and it’s time for a reckoning!

In the 1900s banks lent mostly to manufacturing businesses. They needed money for capital investments and to pay factory workers. Money flowed from banks to businesses to workers.

But the model has changed. Today’s big tech companies need little capital investment and fewer employees.

Instead, data is the new factory oil. And it flows from the users of Google and Facebook directly to the corporations. While everyone agrees we should be paid for our data, even if Facebook shares 10% of their net profits, average US Americans would earn only $5 a year.

A novel data central bank for the economy

The financial security of younger generations globally depends on taking data to the bank.

Tree of Wally gives Wally currency to members only for data based on geography, privacy preferences, and engagement thresholds. Then, in the ecosystem, priced user generated content, sponsored posts or promotions, and ads may only be purchased in Wallys.

Businesses that buy ethical ads accept Wallys as currency. Accepting Wallys improves a corporation’s environment, social, and governance (ESG) metrics – increasingly popular criteria used by investors – while increasing consumers’ disposable income.

We serve a member base as large as Facebook’s and Google’s. If we succeed, Average US members will earn $10k/yr or more.

Read more about how a data central bank paves the way for financial security and subscribe.

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