30 year olds in the digital age

How a data central bank saves a generation

30 year olds are worse off than their parents and a data central bank can fix that

Isn’t it ironic, 30 year olds are worse off than their parents even though they have the best tools known to mankind: the Internet, Google, Facebook and others. See Ray Dalio’s analysis on Why and How Capitalism Needs to be Reformed. I argue we need a data central bank.

In some ways, millennials are not worse off. But what is obvious from the chart above is that 30 year olds are financially worse off. They make less money.

We can fix this. You and your time are valuable. Your unique identity and thoughts have value. Today’s big tech systems separate you from that value. They monetize and analyze your data without cutting you in on the rewards of that data.

How we go about solving this problem makes a difference. If Facebook shares with you 10% of their net profits, average US Americans would only earn about $5 a year.

A new central bank for data’s value can preserve big tech’s ad-driven business model and deliver $1,000 to $10,000 of value to you annually.

How? We need a new central bank.

Today, the Federal Reserve System (the current central bank) serves businesses primarily, because businesses are employers. Tomorrow, the Tree of Wally will bank humans directly for their data.

Once humans are in control of their data’s privacy and economics, ‘animal spirits’ will lead to a resurgent savings culture. As demand for Wallys (the data currency required to access data, content, etc.) increases, so will the price of Wallys, leading to tremendous capital creation.

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