Influencers can't be trusted in an untrustworthy environment

Influencers lose influence on legacy social media sites

Try earning a reputation in a low trust world… You can’t!

influencers are hurt by the untrustworthy environment on today's social media sites
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

The Wall Street Journal reports that companies are questioning the ROI of influencer campaigns. As most 15 year olds could tell a middle-aged executive, follower counts are misleading.

Due to dopey accounts, people can easily buy followers in order to boast a stronger audience. You can pay a low price to enhance your influencer prowess.

Again, most savvy users would advise you to look beyond the follower count and take note of the rate of content engagement. For instance, imagine two influencers with 100,000 followers each. They each post on average 2x per week, but one averages 10,000 likes per post and the other only 1,000 likes per post.

Even then, however, one cannot be sure the likes are real.

It’s well known that social media today suffers from a lack of accountability. Now we see influencers are suffering for it. I’ve explained in this post how fake accounts and anonymity set the stage for a slew of unintended consequences.

What do you think the solution will be?… 🌴

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