data surveillance by big tech is a problem worth fixing

We can fix Facebook’s fake accounts and data surveillance problems

Facebook Deleted More Than 2 Billion Fake Accounts
Source: Facebook Community Standards Enforcement Report

Identity issues and money problems

Social media suffers from fake accounts and data surveillance & imperialism problems. The problems are related and, in general, big tech benefits from the chaos. But there’s a solution…

First, a bit about each problem.

1) Anonymous accounts make it impossible to keep track of who is doing what online. This is important not only to hold bad people accountable (which is what we hear about on the news a lot). It’s more important – and problematic! – that we can’t reward people for what they are worth!

2) Data surveillance & imperialism is big tech companies earning ad revenue by selling hyper-targeted ads placed side-by-side with the user-generated-content created by millions of users on their platforms.

Big tech companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Snap can fix these problems, but they haven’t thought hard and long enough about how.

So what’s the solution?

1. Social media accounts (even the playful, funny ones) need to have owners who can be identified. Each person can still have multiple accounts.

2. And each person needs to be given their data’s economic value. Tree of Wally underwrites data’s value using geographic baselines and individual privacy preferences. Then, accounts that drive traffic benefit from more revenue-generating opportunities (as is the case today). Click here for information on how our plan differs from a revenue-share proposal.

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